A quiet corner of reflection

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Home & Interior Design Photography - Airbnb photo shoot.Home & Interior Design Photography - Airbnb photo shoot.A selection of Home & Interior Design Photography from Dublin and Ireland.
Photographing for local businesses and clients such as AirBnb, Treatwell, TravelNest and real estate agents.


One of the great things about photographing the interior design of a beautiful home is finding corners that create their own little scene. I was immediately drawn to this section of the hallway as the old-style seat really helps to draw you in and make you feel welcome. The warm light shining through the window made this whole image come together. Photographing for a company like Airbnb gives me fantastic access to beautiful homes. Having always naturally been drawn towards nice architecture and interior design this is such a great fit for me and the photography I want to do. It is all the more creative when there is no pressure and the owner is happy that I spend a good amount of time photographing the house. There is nothing worse than being rushed around trying to do a job.

Indian food flat lay

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https://www.konkan.ie/ Here we are back now to the chef's table. I had a really great time photographing here at Kon Kan Indian Restaurant. The staff really went to great effort to present their food to the highest of standards which made it super easy for me to photograph. One of the great things about food photography is the flat lay image. I have many of these posted in my feed and I am a fan. Finding good compositions within the flat lay is always a real treat and making sure to anchor the scene with a dish or element in the centre of the frame really gives you the freedom to place other dishes and items around it at will. Those onion bhajis though..... I'd eat about 12 of them right now!

Overnight Oats on the spoon ready to eat

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As I have mentioned many times before in previous foodie shots, it is always great when people are willing to help by playing a part in the scene. I always make a point to say that no faces or recognisable features will be included as people tend to shy away from this and I also have to have waivers signed when wanting to use images for promotions. So a good old disembodied hand holding a spoon of beautifully prepared overnight oats and granola and fruit is just the ticket. What I really love about this image is the isolated focus point of the breakfast cereal on the spoon and the out of focus main bowl below. This adds a real sense of depth and really helps to draw your eye through the frame from the spoon to the bowl and ultimately to fall back to the spoon which is where all of the colour and crunchiness is.

Dublin City dumplings

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Yum, yum, yum, lovely, lovely, lovely! The dumplings in this place are truly a sight to behold! So vibrant, so colourful and oh so tasty. Handmade and jam-packed full of wonderful fresh ingredients, these are an absolute must for any Dublin City diner. There is such a splendid array of complementary colours on this plate that it really helps make you want to eat them all right now, and given half the chance I'd have about 20! (Note to self stop posting food images while hungry) 😜 As I have said before, photographing Asian food is always a real treat as there is a particular level of care and thought put into each plate and Little Dumpling is no exception. If you find yourself on a dumpling hunt make sure to add this to your list.

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre bathing in sunlight

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With the continued expansion of Dublin City, there are fantastic opportunities to photograph cityscapes and the wonderfully designed buildings that are being built around the city. While this particular building has been standing quite a while it always makes for some fantastic subject matter when on an architectural photography hunt around the city. With the setting sun off in the distance and the beams of golden light reflecting from the glass building and casting wonderful trails of light this image came together really beautifully. Masking in the motorbike and the person walking really adds a great layer of scale to the image and shows the grandeur of the buildings around them.

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