A falling sandwhich

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Falling food photography

A shot I have always wanted to try. I am super happy with how it turned out. It was a challenge to get everything to "fall" into place. But, like most things in photography, time, patience and a whole lot of fun make for your best shots. It feels great to be putting my little home studio to work and I very much look forward to the next little project. A good solid tripod is one key ingredient, I was using my @vanguardphotouk I also got these great backgrounds from @clubbackdrops

I used a very light thread to suspend the elements in place and took multiple shots trying different lighting positions and gradients. One of the keys to a shot like this is to make sure you take a "clean" image of the background as this make removing the thread so much easier. 

Creating product photography

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Recently I was contracted to capture images of these high-end reusable bottles. Over the course of 2 days, I captured multiple images of these products in my home studio. Using artificial light can help create tack-sharp images. A bright pixel is a sharp pixel. One of the tremendous benefits of having your own studio is, you garner and deepen your knowledge of lighting and how it affects an object and works on a surface.

There are many new photographic ideas on the drawing board and I will get to those soon 🙂

Good Gravy!

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Good Gravy!

It is always such fun when the staff are willing to help out on a photoshoot and when this girl agreed to pour the gravy over the chicken it really made for a wonderful final image.

These types of images are always very popular when delivered to clients as it adds an extra layer to the scene. Images like this really entice the viewer in and make the shot a lot more decadent.

I love to include this type of image on a photoshoot as it gives you a good opportunity for teamwork and showcases your personality and creativity to the staff and the clients.

Blue hour at City Hall, Dublin, Ireland

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City Hall, Dublin, IrelandCity Hall, Dublin, IrelandBlue hour in Dublin city. An image of City Hall in the centre of Dublin city. Getting a good quality image of City hall in Dublin has been on my bucket list for a while now and while I have photographed it many times I feel that this time was the best. With the easing of restrictions here in Ireland, it was time to head into the city and give this shot another try.

Blue hour is such a fantastic window of time to photograph in an urban environment, offering really great contrast in the blue sky and the orange artificial light of the street lamps. All that is left to do is find a nice composition, set up and fire away. The journey of photography is one of constant learning and with the post-processing of this image I was faced with some fantastic challenges to overcome.

Finding a good balance between natural and artificial light and combining these to create a dynamic image was the task at hand. There are plenty of compositions around this beautiful building so be sure to take your time to explore. I am super delighted with how the image turned out and look forward to heading back into the city centre to photograph more of my wonderful hometown.

Finding balance with a Thai flatlay

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Posting food images while hungry can prove to be a difficult challenge as I mainly stare at the screen thinking "oh my god I want to eat that right now"! 😜 As I have said before on many occasions, shooting Asian food is always such a joy as the vibrant colours and pops of contrast really lend themselves well to food photography. I really love when chefs take the time to present food in a beautiful way to me, which, with a little bit of tweaking here and there can result in a compositionally strong image and one that entices the viewer to want to eat the food right off the screen!

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