The Christmas hamper

September 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


It's great when clients send you the products that they want to be photographed mainly because you get to use your home studio and therefore you can really tailor the light and scene. They also rarely ask for the products back, and in this case, it suited me very nicely to "hang on" to these products. (I ate them all 😜😂). This is one picture of a series of images that I created for this particular company. They wanted a stock of images showcasing the hampers that they were selling for this coming Christmas season. One of the most important things to consider when photographing items like these is arranging the levels to enable a showcase of each individual piece. It's always best to take your time to create an even balance across the scene. Too many wine bottles on the left and the image look heavy on that side. Too many items at the front and it can tend to look very cluttered so having the freedom to photograph in your own studio really allows you to hone the finer details and capture a very well balanced image.


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